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The world is changing fast. And every morning we wake to a different economic and business environment. Because of these changes, businesses are constantly present with new challenges and put to test. Only those businesses that preemptively understand and respond are able to survive soundly.

The same applies to our society, the space where businesses survive. A society will ultimately face a crisis if it fails to follow the direction the world is headed. In the global era where national boundaries are becoming blurred, such threats are growing more and more serious.

LG Economic Research Institute is the think-tank of the global company LG. We make best efforts to be the first in grasping the changes in the world that affect Korean businesses and economy, and provide suitable countermeasures.
Furthermore, we disseminate the fruits of our efforts to Korean society through various channels.

LG Economic Research Institute promises to perform research indispensable for ensuring the success of Korean businesses in global business competition and making Koreans the happiest people in the world. It is also our promise to perform research that we can only do to create the greatest value.

I ask for your unsparing encouragement and constructive criticism, and for your keen interest in us.