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LG Economic Research Institute is a private research institute with a mission to realize business success by providing knowledge and information. LGERI has accumulated an unparalleled wealth of experience and know-how in business-related issues in Korea. The Institute contributes to the upgrading of Korean businesses' global management skills by delivering up-to-date knowledge and information of high quality. This is made possible by undertaking in-depth research on economic, industry and financial market trends, and broad and comprehensive consulting activities across corporate management fields, including strategy, marketing, HR and organizations, and finance.
LG Economic Research Institute aspires to become the most future-oriented think-tank capable of reading the development path of current and future business in a most accurate manner. LGERI has produced extraordinary research outputs on an array of business issues concerning the future business environment, including economic projections, Korean trends in the next decade, prospective new businesses, future-oriented business models and organizational culture. By taking a more meticulous and longer viewpoint, LGERI preemptively captures the key risks and opportunities that will impact on sustainable development of Korean businesses and the advancement of the Korean economy in the next decade or two. It also researches about their significance, spin-off effects, and about successful counter strategies.